Secure-Grip Flange Spreading


SG Range The Equalizer™ range of patented Secure-Grip bolt hole flange spreading tools can be used on all flange types with bolt-hole sizes ranging from 17.5mm (0.69”) to 100mm (4.25”). The tools can be used on flange joints that have no access gap or when there are concerns about damaging the flange sealing face. The tools can also be used when there is a large access gap between the flanges. The collets and collet holders of the SG4TM, SG6TM, SG11TM, SG13TE and SG15TE can be adjusted outward from the central position allowing the tool to be used for spreading flanges when a spacer, wafer or butterfly valve is present. Equalizer International products are distributed by Parla Tech In Iran.

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