Hydraulic Cylinders


Middle East leader in high-force, high pressure hydraulic tools (700-2800 bar) and equipment used in industrial and construction markets. Parla Tech Leading Distributor & Service Center of Hydraulic Equipment and has a complete line on hydraulic pumps up to 40000 psi, cylinders up to 1000 ton, High pressure hand pumps in 1000, 1500 and 2800 bar, workshop presses and workbenches, cutters, pullers, torque wrenches and bolting tools , Hydraulic cylinders up to 1220 ton, mechanical & hydraulic pullers, nut splitters, presses & shop equipment. Supplier of equalizer international mechanical and hydraulic flange maintenance tools , machine tool clamping applications & engineered lifting systems. There is a large choice of cylinders, jacks, spreaders, nut splitters, pumps, Lubrication Equipment. and workshop presses. easy to use, safe and of high quality with best well-known Brands.

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